Shawplan arrives in blog central

Extreme Etchings 4mm Deltic Conversion
photo courtesy of Chris Pendlenton

Welcome to the new blog from Shawplan, and their partner ranges of products including Extreme Etchings, and Laserglaze.

We will use this blog initially to allow customers an easy access to the latest news, exhibition appearances, developments in ranges and see some of the work in progress of new products. The existing sales site, is undergoing a major rebuild, and this blog will assist in keeping customers updated during this process.

Updates will be regular and will include pictures of new product, and time allowing, hints and tips relating to forming and fitting of products, for example our multi layer etches for engine fan grills and the associated fans themselves and how to use the jigs to make the best of the high quality products we provide..

Please have a look through the other pages of the blog, you’ll find information and images regarding new products which we hope will be of interest. We’d welcome readers passing on that the blog exists, and we’re happy for any of the images to be used, and would request that they are accredited back to this blog or the website.
You’ll see we’ve also invested in a ‘twitterer’, once we’ve worked out what it does and how, we’ll use that to advise subscribers of updates to the blog.

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