19th February 2011

Warship Class 42 (Swindon Built) Roof Fan Grill 4mm Scale

Warship Class 43 (North British Built ) Roof Fan Grill 4mm Scale

This a very quick update, as this week we are very busy and now fully into the the first part of the exhibition season. Above you can see the first test etches in 4mm scale for the Class 42 and 43 Warship. We are very pleased with these initial shots and anticipate the production etches very soon. These will fit the Bachmann 4mm models, but also will work on older models such as the Lima and Mainline variants.

A quick word about the shows, this weekend we are at Watford both today and Sunday, and next weekend we are at Model-Rail Scotland in Glasgow, (see ‘show diary’ for more details). This is almost a week away from the office for us, so there may few a slight delay in some replies to phone calls and emails. We will be fully back in the office on Tuesday March 1st. In the meantime we look forward to meeting you at the shows, so please come and say hello.



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