9th February 2012

Laserglaze Heljan Class 26 with closed window

Over the past few weeks we have been doing more development of our ranges, and are pleased to announce two new introductions to the laserglaze product range. Firstly by popular demand the glazing for the Heljan 4mm scale class 26 has been produced. There are options within the kit to produce a locomotive with open cabside windows, or with closed windows as per the original model. The test model had a plated over door window, however for those of you modelling a cab door with windows, these are supplied on the fret. Note as well the open discs from the extreme etchings range.

Laserglaze Heljan Class 26 with open window

Our latest addition to the ‘heritage’ range is a simple glazing set to improve the appearance of the new GWR Dia N13 horsebox from Hornby. As you can see the difference is remarkable. Look out for other new additions to the range through the coming months.

Shawplan left, Hornby right ...

Hornby Dia N13 Horsebox Laserglaze

Finally a new view showing the laserglaze Bachmann 08 window kit. Another simple transformation you can make using our products.

Bachmann 08 Laserglaze kit

These three products will be available this weekend at the Doncaster show, we look forward to seeing you there.

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