Extreme Etchings 4mm Deltic Conversion
photo courtesy of Chris Pendlenton

I purchased Shawplan Model Products from its originator Graham Shaw in July 2008 with the objective of developing the range of nameplates and detailing components available to modellers of the Diesel and Electric era. With the quality of RTR models available from the main manufacturers these days it’s clear to me that the aftermarket detailing range needs a thorough overhaul to keep up!..

So why ‘Extreme’ etchings?.. having a background in the engineering industry as a toolmaker/designer for over 25 years, attention to detail is paramount to me and all of the new ‘Extreme Etchings’ range of components are meticulously researched and wherever possible measured from the original prototype or works drawings, then drawn out at exact scale size in 4mm. Naturally this does cause some problems along the way but most can be overcome, the now widespread use of stainless steel certainly helps to add strength to fan grille mesh which would be virtually impossible in Brass or Nickel Silver..

EEWP4103 4mm Crewe Worksplates for Class 45

Plans for the near future will centre around expanding and upgrading the detailing components range to include further locomotive classes (Diesel and Electrics..:-)) and introduce a range of items in 2 & 7mm scales. Similarly the nameplate ranges in 2, 4 and 7mm are undergoing a major overhaul, many such as the Warships are way overdue for redrawing and so far, 30 of them have been replaced in all scales. other classes also replaced with all new plates are the Deltic’s, 50’s and 67’s along with a fair number of 37’s and 47’s.

Another new venture is the introduction of a range of laser cut ‘plug n play’ glazing packs for Locomotives and coaching stock which will be made available for not just the latest models but the older Lima/Mainline/Hornby ranges too.. it really is surprising what a difference just changing the windows in say, a Lima Mk 2 Air-con coach can make!

I hope you will find this Blog useful, I hope it will allow customers an easy access to the latest news, exhibition appearances, developments in ranges, and see some of the work in progress of new products. The existing sales site Shawplan.com, is undergoing a major rebuild, and this blog will assist in keeping customers updated during this process. Sales and queries should go via the Shawplan site in the link provided on the right hand side.

We’ll aim to provide regular updates here, and include pictures of new product, and time allowing, hints and tips relating to forming and fitting of products. For example assembling our multi layer etches for engine fan grills and the associated fans, and how to use the jigs to make the best of the high quality products we provide.

Finally, please feel free to make comments and suggestions for future projects using the email link from the main website.

Brian Hanson
September 2010


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