Extreme Etchings

June 10th 2011
Class 26 / 27 / 33 Roof Fan and Grille sets

Class 27 Roof Fan and Grille EEDP27-00

These are the latest 4mm etches for release, and cover the BRCW classes 26/27 and 33
Class 26 Roof Fan and Grille EEDP26-00 Price Code H
Class 27 Roof Fan and Grille EEDP27-00 Price Code H
Class 33 Roof Fan and Grille EEDP33-00 Price Code K

26th May 2011

The above image demonstrates the improvement possible using our laser cut glasing and etch window surrounds make to a Lima MK3 sleeping coach, modelled by Steven McNaught. The model is featured in issue 181 June 2011 of Rail Express.
Laser cut windows for Lima MK3 Cat No EELG4008
Etched window surrounds for Lima MK3 Cat No EECD4006
Both items available now. Currently in test etches are roof and fan grille assemblies for class 26/27 and 33 in 4mm scale, suitable for the Heljan, Lima and Hornby release of the relevant classes. These will be available early summer 2011 further release details and images here in due course

May 4th 2011
In this update we’d like to show you the assembled Class 31 fan and grill set, and the first images of the Warship class 42 and 43 roof grills.

Please note there are two different kits for the class 31 the ‘A’ kit for Lima and Airfix, and the ‘B’ kit for the current Hornby model. The price difference is due to the requirement to have an additional etch in the ‘B’ kit. This reduces the fan aperature diameter, which on the current Hornby model is too large. The Hornby conversion is illustrated below.

Class 31 Roof Fan assembly

EEDP31-00A Airfix/Lima etc. price code N (£11.00)

EEDP31-00B New Hornby model (only) price code P (£12.00) Illustrated above

Warship Class 42 Roof fan Grille
EEDP42-00 price code P (£12.00)

Warship Class 43 Roof fan Grille
EEDP43-00 price code R (£15.00)

All the above are currently available, for ordering details contact us through our website http://www.shawplan.com/index.htm

February 19th 2011

Class 42/43 Warship Roof Detail Etches

Warship Class 42 (Swindon Built) Roof Fan Grill 4mm Scale

Warship Class 43 (North British Built ) Roof Fan Grill 4mm Scale

This a very quick update, as this week we are very busy and now fully into the the first part of the exhibition season. Above you can see the first test etches in 4mm scale for the Class 42 and 43 Warship. We are very pleased with these initial shots and anticipate the production etches very soon. These will fit the Bachmann 4mm models, but also will work on older models such as the Lima and Mainline variants.

18th November 2010

Class 24/5 Roof Fan Grill
These images show the roof fan and grill set for the class 24/5 in 4mm scale. They are formed from three stainless steel etches and make up in three layers to the assembly shown here. The fan is also available and further pictures will show the assembly in the next couple of days.

Bachmann Class 24 Standard Fit Vs. Extreme Etchings Fan Ring set

Whilst a three part etch may seem daunting initially, the assembly has been made significantly easier with two etched jigs that hold the grills in alignment and help ensure the correct curvature of the components. This assembly here has been assembled using ‘thin’ superglue, though solder can also be used.

Bachmann Class 24 Extreme Etchings Fan Ring set

Bachmann Class 24 Extreme Etchings Fan Ring set

We anticipate these being available for the Wigan show, we are working on final modifications to the etched jigs prior to release. The first image shows just what a big change it makes to the appearance of the Bachmann model.

Bachmann Class 44/5/6

In production test at the moment is a similar design fan and grill assembly for the Bachmann 44/5/6.

Class 47 Fan & Grill set

Already available in the Extreme Etchings range are the Class 47 fan and grill assembly. These fit into the ViTrains 47 with virtually no modifications required to the locomotive body. We’ve done a little more work on this demonstration model to make the tunnel ducts that the fans sit in, to further improve the appearance.

Extreme Etchings Class 47 Fan and Grill (4mm scale)

These etches are also suitable for the Bachmann and Heljan models, test fitting has not taken place on either of the bodies as yet.

This coming weekend we are at the NEC Warley show, come and see us on stand C18

21st September 2010

The three images here demonstrate the significant improvement that can be made using Extreme Etching components. The locomotive is a standard Vitrains Class 37, the components used are etched BR ‘double arrow’ logos, Extreme Etchings fan and grill set, and Extreme Etchings cab glazing include laser cut acrylic transparencies.


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